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Cathodic Protection System Surveys

A cathodic protection survey involves an inspection of the cathodic protection system and an evaluation of soil-side-protection levels applied to the steel structures electrically coupled to the cathodic protection system.

Subsequent to performing the field survey, we meet with your field personnel to review cathodic protection upgrades that are required to restore and improve system operation. Minor upgrades are addressed before leaving the site to eliminate the cost of an additional field trip.

Survey results, and completed and outstanding upgrades are discussed in a technical report that follows the field service.

The Cathodic Protection System Survey procedure described below is scheduled according to client requirements.
D.C. current devices (rectifiers, groundbed, test points, current control devices) are visually inspected and adjusted as required
The cathodic protection system is interrupted  "ON" and "OFF." Structure-to-soil potential (voltage) measurments are obtained, as an indicator of protection, on all structures electrically continuous to the cathodic protection system. 
Foreign structures, as defined by the client, are monitored for stray current effects. 
The effectiveness of dielectric insulated kits at all known foreign tie-ins are inspected. Defective kits are identified and flagged.
 A survey report is prepared and presented to the client.


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