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External Cathodic Protection System Maintenance Inspection

An inspection of the cathodic protection system is performed by our firm within six months of the Annual Survey performance.

We ensure that the cathodic protection system is operating within design parameters; make adjustments if required; and we verify that upgrades presented in past correspondence that required attention have been addressed.

The external cathodic protection system maintenance inspection procedure described below is scheduled according to client requirements.
Rectifiers, groundbeds, test stations, current control devices inspected and adjusted on a regular basis.
Structure-to-soil potential data (voltage) is obtained, as an indicator of protection, for selected structures. (Sampling)
Where electrical interference has been identified during previous surveys, adjustments can be made as required, upon approval, and at minimal cost. 
Deficiencies from the previous inspections can be repaired as required, upon approval and at minimal cost.
Effectiveness of electrical shorts repaired in house are verified and forms part of the maintenance program. (Max. two (2) per inspection). 
Major repairs can be performed in conjunction with a regular maintenance checks, eliminating move in and out.
A maintenance report is prepared and presented to the client.


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