Design, Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Cost Effective Corrosion Control Systems

Cathodic Protection System Design

ASM Corrosion Control Ltd. designs cathodic protection corrosion control systems according to individual client requirements and in accordance with provincial and Energy Utility Board guidelines.

Cathodic protection systems are designed to have a life of 10 years and to accommodate future structure expansion by 30%. Additional requirements may be dictated by the client.

Cathodic protection systems can be designed and implemented to protect most types of metallic structures, in a soil or liquid environment.  Examples are:
  Oil/Gas Well Casings
  Buried Utility Pipelines

  Underground Tanks
  Upright Tank Bottoms

  Pump Impellers
  Heat Exchangers

  Oil/Gas Well Flowlines
  Underwater Utilities
  Offshore Rigs
  Semi-Submersed Platforms
  Pilings, Docks
  Ship Hulls


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In-House Cathodic Protection System Maintenance Inspections
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