Design, Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Cost Effective Corrosion Control Systems

Cathodic Protection System Supply

ASM Corrosion Control Ltd. supplies a full range of corrosion control equipment and materials.
  Impressed Current Anodes
  Sacrificial/Galvanic Anodes
  Direct Burial Cable 

  Electrical Tapes
  Dielectric Insulating Kits

  A.C. to D.C. Rectifiers
  Coke Breeze
  Test Stations

  Digital Volt/Amp Meters
Current Interupters
  Reference Electrodes
  Soil Resistance Meters
  Current Test Meters
  D.C. Generator Equipment
  Gas Detection Monitors
  System Survey Equipment
  Coating Holiday Equipment 


DESIGN | Corrosion Control System Design
SUPPLY | Corrosion Control Equipment and Materials
INSTALLATION | Corrosion Control System Installations and Commissioning
MAINTENANCE | Cathodic Protection Maintenance

System Surveys

External Cathodic Protection System Maintenance Inspections

In-House Cathodic Protection System Maintenance Inspections
ENVIRONMENTAL | Fuel storage and dispensing system environmental engineering and contracting services provided by our division, Petroleum Enviro Services


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